Sunday, 5 February 2012

New Zealand Day Ten - Boys and their Toys

Sunday morning and what better way to start the day than breakfast in town.  Well, my sister and her husband had breakfast, I’d already eaten mine hours before so just had a pot of tea and a cookie. 
Stomachs appeased, we decided to go for a walk along the lake.  As we were strolling along the shore my brother in law saw the “boats for hire sign” and decided to hire a speed boat for an hour. It sounded a fun idea at the time till we climbed aboard and the calm lake suddenly became a choppy sea.

Whoever designed the boat should be tied to the back seats and made to ride through a storm while being doused by a hose.  I got soaked by the copious amount of spray generated by the boat cutting though the water.  Not that it was very good at cutting a path through the surface of the lake.  Much of the time our journey was more up and down, jarring the spine each time the base of the boat hit the water.

It was a relief when we finally reached dry land again and I could go back to the motel to change.
A quick lunch followed and then we headed out of Taupo for my brother in law’s second thrill ride of the day – quad biking in the mountainous bush.  Actually, once I got used to the weight of the bike, using my thumb to push the throttle and my foot to change gear (well hand as I found it too difficult with my foot), it was exhilarating racing up and down hills, round hairpin bends and over bumps and muddy ridges.  It was also hard work as the bike was heavy and needed total concentration to hold it on the path.  

The last kilometre or so was a chance to test the speed of the bikes and it was wonderful feeling of freedom to feel the wind in my face, the scenery rushing past and the rush of speed.

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