Thursday, 2 February 2012

New Zealand Day Seven – back to Auckland via Whangerei and Waiwera

We left Kerikeri at seven this morning to avoid the traffic but stopped on the way at Whangerei for a short walk to a nearby waterfall.  It wasn't quite as big as Rainbow Falls but still impressive.   

Our next break in the journey was to Waiwera to relax in their hot Springs.  This place was very different from the Ngawha Springs, which were more like several small mud pools dug in the ground with no frills but was a lot cheaper.  Waiwera was more commercialised with swimming pool style tiled baths, some big enough to swim in.  Like Ngawha you could choose different temperature pools.  They ranged from 31 degrees to 45 degrees.  I opted for the Movie Pool which was a very pleasant 38 degrees. Sadly no movie was playing but it was very relaxing.  I did try the 42 degree reflection pool but that was too hot even for me.  Before leaving I sat in one of the cooler pools, which made getting out and dressed less of a shock to my body.  We spent about an hour there before heading back to Auckland to catch up on some of the washing I'd accumulated and to pack for the next stage of our trip.
After dinner I was given a tour of the local beach, which worked a few unused muscles as where my sister lives is very hilly.

Tomorrow we will travel south of Auckland to explore Waitomo, Taupo and Rotorua.

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