Friday, 10 February 2012

New Zealand Day Fifteen - Waihiki Island and Milford

Today was a day for getting together with family I haven’t seen for fifteen years.  We caught the ferry from Devonport, which has a colonial feel to it, over to Waihiki Island, where my uncle, aunt and cousin live. From the harbour we walked through the village, up the hill to my uncle’s house. We spent a couple of hours with them and then my cousin came over.  He took us to see his new property, nestled high on the hillside with wonderful views over the surrounding steep-sloped bush. It was a very tranquil setting, with a stream on the land.    After a whistle-stop tour of the island it was time to catch the last ferry back to the mainland.

After dinner we drove to Milton for a walk along the beach.  It was interesting seeing all the volcanic rock formations that lie on the shore as well as the remains of a castle.  There are many wonderful and very expensive beach properties and funny to see one brand new, very large, exclusive and expensive house that has just been built right behind a very modest, old place that is little more than a shack and in a bad state of disrepair.  I could picture the owner stoically refusing offers to buy his land, thereby keeping his home and restricting the sea view of the new house.

To end the day there was another glorious sunset that shimmered on the sea and etched the clouds crimson, orange and pink.

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