Sunday, 22 January 2012

Southern Hemisphere here I come

Bags are packed, books uploaded onto my kindle and bottles containing liquids neatly stowed in a clear plastic bag.  House is tidy and fridge empty save for a sandwich and apple to eat at the airport. I have even remembered my passport and tickets, though I use the word ticket loosely as nowadays all you get is a piece of paper with flight details and booking reference number.  I do miss the feel and excitement of an old fashioned airline ticket that was handed over, and the counterfoil returned.    Still , technology has its advantages. I went online and reserved my seats though Air New Zealand still haven't caught onto online checking in.

A twelve hour flight to Hong Kong, hope they show some decent movies.  I arrive just in time for the Chinese New Year celebrations so it will be a quick stop at my hotel to check in and leave my bags then off to the harbour for the New Year night parade.

More soon.

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  1. hope all goes well logicus,tracticus says 新年快乐