Thursday, 26 January 2012

Hong Kong Day Four

My last day in Hong Kong and as my flight wasn’t till 8.30pm I had the whole morning and some of the afternoon available for sightseeing.  What to do?  Not a hard decision, there was only one thing to do – shopping.  I started off by heading to the Jade Hawkers market, which had been shut the other day.  Lots of eager stall holders keen for me to buy and very persistent.  I did buy one mauve jade bracelet and I even bartered, which I didn’t think I could do as the thought scared me.

Then I walked through the vegetable market to the posh area in Canton Road where there is a vast shopping mall of exclusive shops.  You can walk almost the length of the road without venturing out into the cold.  I found Hong Kong to be a place of dramatic contrasts in a tiny space.  Massive wealth next to poverty but the tiny markets were far more vibrant and colourful than the sterile exclusive stores and never the twain shall meet for the malls are tucked inside behind glass and concrete.  I did wonder how they all make enough profit to survive since there are so many shops.

The airport was just as bad, lots of shops and restaurants but few places to sit and wait.  It got points though for fee wifi, which I made use of.

Next stop Auckland.  Not sure what my brain will think to another time difference. It still hasn’t accepted eight hours ahead and now I’m asking it to jump forward another five.  Well who needs sleep when there’s a whole new country to explore.

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