Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Hong Kong Day One

We arrived in Hong Kong fifteen minutes early.  Mind you it did look as if we might land in the water as the airport is right by the sea.  It was good old British weather in Hong Kong, cold and grey just to make me feel at home.  The airport express from the airport into the centre of Hong Kong is very fast and impressive.  Simple and clear directions and instructions.  In London we have an oyster card, Hong Kong does it 8 legs better with an octopus card, which works in the same way, except fares are much cheaper.  I found my way to the hotel without any trouble using the underground, checked in and then dashed out again to watch the New Year parade on Hong Kong Island.  First I had the challenge of finding the ferry port, which didn’t prove too difficult and I even found my way back to the hotel again afterwards.  Question is will I recognise the rout in daylight?

The parade was colourful and loud with dancing dragons, long-legged butterflies (girls on stilts) and multicoloured floats.  Mind you (and this will come as no surprise to those who know me) I did get rather cold as there was a chilly wind blowing.  This was despite dad’s waterproof and fleecy jacket over my own fleece and long sleeved Tshirt.  It is now almost 1am Hong Kong time and I’m wide awake, ready for a busy morning tomorrow..


  1. fab photos - doesn't look a bit like it did when I was there in the early 90s!!!!! glad you are getting stuck in and enjoying yourself.